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Ghostwritten Content

Some examples of content I've written for clients that carries their bylines. All content belongs to them. If you'd like more samples, feel free to reach out!

effective marketing via hybrid workflows: Mail & DigitaL

Physical mail has staying power; digital has adaptability and built-in feedback loops. Why choose just one?

(Customer) Relationship goals

Seasonal Valentine's offerings demonstrate attunement to changing end-customer demand, helping to build long-term relationships.

printer of nerf-like branded products breaks new ground with client

Partnership helps unique print business adapt and thrive in a rapidly evolving market.

How to Leverage Color Management to Make Your Signage Pop

In which I reference the Incredible Hulk's move from gray to green.

A Water Treatment System Anytime, Anywhere

My dad made his living fixing water pipes. I make part of mine writing about them.

tech is only the first step for file analysis

Healthcare files are not a rotisserie chicken.

Drop the lecture

Driving student satisfaction starts with modernizing classrooms.

Why campus mailcenters must go digital

Flatmail's out; packages are in.

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